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Bathroom Remodeling

Our Only Limit is the Imagination

Discover unparalleled craftsmanship and design expertise with our bathroom remodeling services.  Unleash the potential of your bathroom with our dedicated team of artisans. Get ready to indulge in luxury and sophistication like never before.

Below you’ll find some photos of our favorite bathroom projects, as well as information and commonly asked questions, and what to expect when you’re remodeling your own bathroom. When you’re ready, give us a call to get yours started.

It All Started with Tile Installations

In the earliest days of my contracting career, I had a tile company, EPIC Artisan Tile, which specialized in shower installations for bathroom renovations, kitchen backsplashes and floors. We poured concrete shower pan bases, waterproofed and installed loads of tile in every configuration you can imagine. I really enjoyed making the patterns in tile transition seamlessly around the inside of a shower. Maybe it was OCD, but it was very gratifying to begin with a layout and see so much progress after a day of work.


Concrete Changed Everything

And then one day, I came across a picture of a sink someone had made from concrete, so I decided to give it a go. It turned out that there was a whole new world of possibilities in bathroom design by utilizing this humble material to make really beautiful works of art, which were also highly functional! I would spend 11 years focusing solely on honing my skills in creating not only sinks, but shower pans, large format panels, bath tubs, and so much more. 


Concrete Sink from Small bathroom renovationI had my first chance at making a concrete sink for a small bathroom I was remodeling in my own home. It was a cool, dark grey mix with a round bowl. I placed the faucet off-center so it kind of resembled a record player. We used a large format white tile with a stainless steel accent strip and a custom concrete shower pan in the same color as the sink. I painted the walls black and had a fancy framed mirror to finish it off. It remains one of my favorite projects to this day because it gave me the confidence to bring my creative visions to reality.


At this time, the business shifted from EPIC Artisan Tile to EPIC Artisan Concrete, and our focus stayed on solving complicated problems with custom concrete.  In 2014, I sold EPIC and helped the new owners grow it into a large scale manufacturing operation. Together we produced a large range of sinks, fire bowls, planters, and furniture.