Concrete Sinks, Furniture and Countertops

Welcome to Béton! We are a custom fabrication studio based in St Petersburg, FL that specializes in combining designer concrete with other natural materials to make stunning concrete sinks, tables, benches, fireplace surrounds and countertops. At Béton Studio, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate and work closely with leading architects, designers, and contractors to create unique and amazing spaces, both residential and commercial. We use natural materials in timeless ways to give life to your unique design vision. Concrete, Metal, Wood, nothing is off limits. Everything is possible.

Concrete Vanity with Double Integral Sinks Charcoal Colored

What is Designer Concrete?

Concrete has been a workhorse of modern civilization for millennia. In the construction of roads, buildings, and bridges it has served to advance our interaction with the world and one another. The Romans developed and perfected casting unreinforced concrete for breathtaking structures like the dome of the Pantheon. Architects and designers have long admired the possibilities inherent with concrete.

Designer Concrete offers the flexibility of complete customization. Our concrete begins with a concept, the details of which are carefully planned out. How it will look, how it will be made, how it will function are all taken into consideration. There are unlimited options for beautiful, vibrant UV stable colors. We are mindful of the impact that it will have on our resources and our planet. Is it sustainable if it goes out of fashion and is disposed of before the end of it’s useful life? With all of this in mind, we strive to ensure our concrete and it’s supporting cast of materials will become ever fashionable and lasting heirlooms, worthy of being cherished and passed down for generations.

White Concrete and Magnolia Wood Table on a Scissor Style Steel Base

White Concrete and Magnolia Wood Table on a Scissor Style Steel Base

Ready to get your Designer Concrete Project Started?

Drop us an email to get this creative party started. Let us know how we can help you bring your design to life or to request a digital copy of our Guide to Specifying Designer Concrete or Custom Color Guide.