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White Concrete Countertops

White concrete wine bar with steel edge detail

It may surprise you to know that concrete countertops and concrete sinks can be made white. In fact, white concrete is one of my favorite colors. It produces a beautiful finish that is every bit as elegant as marble.

It’s All in the Concrete Mix

If you recall from our lesson about What Is Concrete, Portland Cement comes in both grey and white. We use White Portland Cement for all of our concrete mixes, because the color is more consistent from bag to bag, and additionally you get much more vibrant colors when you add pigment to white cement versus grey cement.

When you leave pigment out of the equation, your finished concrete sink and countertop are a really nice shade of white, with speckles of aggregate throughout the surface. Coupled with the subtle imperfections from casting, you get a really gorgeous finish.

Does White Concrete Stain?

“Does white concrete stain?” is a really great question that inevitably is raised every time we discuss white concrete countertops. There are many factors that go into the stain resistance of your concrete countertops, be they white or grey or purple! Properly mixing, casting, and curing your concrete will prepare it to receive sealer. Select a sealer that is compatible with the density of concrete you’ve made and you’ll be on the right path to a really sustainable and beautiful countertop.

Check Out Some of Our White Concrete Countertop Projects

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