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Concrete Revisited

Fabric Formed Concrete Sink

When you know the basics about concrete, you can start to understand that concrete as a material can be whatever we want. Like people, it is shaped by its experiences and the things it encounters as it matures. Béton believes that this flexibility in shaping concrete is key to unlocking its potential. We use time-honored skills along with technologically advanced mix designs to yield unparalleled finishes made to last lifetimes.

Concrete Sink Formwork Made from Hardened FabricFor this concrete sink, we used fabric as the starting point for the shape of the basin. Stretching a polyester fleece or spandex fabric over a basic form we created gave us a really sexy compound curve, leading water straight to the drain. After we got the shape we wanted with the fabric, we brushed an epoxy coating onto it and waited for it to harden. Once the fabric was rigid, we sanded it smooth and then cast concrete right onto it.

Finally, we processed the concrete and installed it.