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Troweled Concrete Countertops in a White Kitchen

Detail shot of a trowel finish concrete countertop

Top view of Trowel Finished Concrete CountertopsThese photos are courtesy of our fine clients in St. Petersburg, FL and their concrete countertops. In remodeling their kitchen, they wanted a unique looking countertop that had lots of movement and tone variation. There are many ways you can you can achieve this. 

Detail shot of a trowel finish concrete countertop

This is a detail shot of the trowel finish concrete countertops and their fire clay sink before they installed the faucet. Just the right amount of rustic, industrial and contemporary. Exactly what concrete should be, unique.

Trowel Finish Concrete Countertops in a white kitchen after install

What I love about this concrete countertop finish that you can’t experience in the pictures is the texture. They’re smooth to the touch and have subtle high and low spots from, which are a natural occurrence from pushing down on the trowel when the concrete is still a little soft. 

There is a nice satin sheen from the sealer that makes these countertops not too imposing. 

How to Make Trowel Finish Concrete Countertops

Are you interested in knowing more about trowel finish countertops or eager to try your hand at DIY Concrete Countertops with a Trowel Finish? Shoot us an email, we love to discuss concrete.