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Who is Béton?

Jonathan Haywood | Owner | Craftsman

Jonathan Haywood | Craftsman and Concrete DesignerBased in St. Petersburg, Florida, Béton Studio is piloted by Jonathan Haywood. Jonathan is a veteran in the designer concrete industry. His work has been featured on DIY Network’s Yard Crashers as well as two episodes of Animal Planet’s Insane Pools, as well as featured in Surface Magazine and Bay Area Magazine. Jonathan’s work has shipped throughout the US and to a few amazing spots in the Caribbean.

A Small Studio with Big Goals

One of the main focuses of Béton Studio is to create furnishings that will be handed down from generation to generation. There are many reasons this is a priority for me. I believe we have been charged to be part of the ongoing creation of this planet and in order to do so, we have to utilize our resources responsibly. We have gradually shifted to a throw away culture, where most often it is less costly to replace an item than to repair it. This causes problems on many levels. The people who make our furniture items are paid very little and often asked to work in conditions with pitiful safety standards, often with paper masks to protect them from dust that will ultimately cause them serious health problems, like silicosis. But because we don’t see this and how it affects them, we aren’t terribly concerned. All the while, the owners of the furniture companies are making really nice profits and you end up with a piece of furniture that doesn’t have a story or a soul.

I aim to bring a relational element to the pieces I create with you. We work together to design solutions for furnishings that will last longer than you or I. Heirlooms with a story behind their creation. Some of my piece include concrete countertops , concrete sinks, concrete furniture and many more concrete projects.

What clients say about us

We  build out hotels and restaurants throughout the US and use Béton Studio because they are the best. We have tried other concrete artisans and all of them fall short of the mark set by Jonathan at Béton. -Joe M. 

Jonathan brings a level of understanding of concrete that is almost obsessive. He gets it and that is reflected in the quality of his work. -Scott G.


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